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Ultimate Guide to Popular Types of Women Handbags

A handbag is more than just a purse to a woman, it’s her portable world packed in a safety net. Think about it, whether you’re stopping by for a quick check-in on your BFF, or somehow ended up stranded amid a literal cyclone, as long as your bag is by your side, you have everything you need. So many words to say one thing, handbags are important. Besides, useful or not, it’s certainly a very versatile accessory you can use to effortlessly play up your outfit. But hold on to that thought, how in the world are you going to shop for bags if you don’t really know what your options are? I mean, sure, you CAN do it, but being armed with knowledge about every kind you can invest in, sounds like an important step to building an impressive bag collection, no? If you’re aggressively nodding in response to that question, we’re here with just what you need. You no longer need to vaguely describe to your friends, how the purse you spotted in your favourite store looked. Because there exists a word for it, and here’s the inventory of all types of handbags from Aaron that will help you find it!

Basic Must-Haves


1. Aaron Tote Bag

Every woman needs to have a reliable tote bag with ample storage space, that’s also super-comfortable to carry around. For those who don’t know, a tote bag is a large, unfastened bag with two parallel shoulder handles on either side. It’s an extremely versatile bag to invest in, perfect for any occasion that demands you to carry more than a few things, whether it’s shopping around the city, heading out for a class or just going to work.

Shoulder Bag

This is perhaps the most basic essential bag for every woman to have in her closet. It comes with all the trimmings you’d commonly associate with a generic hand bag, such as zippered pockets, compartments and a mechanism to seal it shut. As the name suggests, this is a casual bag meant to be carried on one shoulder with thinner and shorter straps than that of a tote bag. Shoulder bags are a very wide-ranging category and comprise of an assortment of silhouettes and sizes.


We all know what a backpack is, but one in the size and fit of a typical handbag has gained prominence in recent times. A backpack purse is a smaller and more stylish variation of the typical large backpack, commonly featuring details and embellishments. The specific size and silhouette vary considerably and can be anywhere from a rucksack to palm-sized.


Leather Bags

2 Best Leather Messenger Bags for Toting Your Essentials in Style

Messenger Bags

A messenger bag is one of the most versatile options when it comes to carrying your daily essentials and is a great choice for anyone who wants to branch out from toting around their trusty backpack. While some messenger bags can feel a bit too casual for an office or after-work event, there’s one material that immediately dresses up their aesthetic: leather.

Leather is as hard-wearing as it is good-looking and is a great choice for an item you plan to use almost every day. Commuting looks different for everybody, and some may need more storage than others, so we’ve gathered a variety of leather messengers to suit the needs of anyone looking to upgrade their go-to bag.

What to Consider

Type of Leather

Leather is something we’re all used to seeing in bags, shoes, and jackets, but the sourcing and processes that leather goes through greatly differs from type to type. “Full-grain” describes leather made from the entire top part of the hide and includes all the material’s natural texture and fibers, giving it a unique finish; it is the most durable and highest-grade leather available, though it comes at a higher cost than other types.

The most common material used by leather goods brands is top-grain leather: This is leather that’s been split off the top of the hide and sanded down, making it smoother but also a bit less durable. Top-grain leather is widely available and easier to work with for manufacturers, so products made from this type are more affordable.

All the bags listed are top-grain except for the ones where we’ve specified that full-grain leather has been used.


Base the size of your bag off what you plan to carry. Some people like to keep things as compact as possible, so will opt for a slim briefcase or doc case style; if you frequently carry a laptop and want some additional space for extras like a book or accessories, then you’ll want a bag with a greater width that’ll afford you the wiggle room.


The right design details can add utility and uniqueness to your messenger bag. A dedicated laptop sleeve will be a must for some, but if you want a bag mostly for weekend fun, then a small messenger that fits your phone, book, and sunglasses should suffice. Shoulder straps are another important feature that let you choose how you want to carry your belongings; an adjustable shoulder strap makes for a comfortable commute if you’re having to walk a lot, but some may prefer the sleekness of just using the top handles.

Haskell Leather Briefcase

Haskell Leather Briefcase

  • Good price
  • Good quality
  • Highly rated

Fossil’s Haskell bag is a simple, handsome leather messenger that won’t break the bank. It’s made using Eco Leather, which is tanned using low environmental-impact processes, and it boasts a patented Repreve recycled polyester lining.

The two main zipper slip compartments are good for organizing and separating work while the one exterior pocket can be stuffed with small personal items like a walletphone charger, or passport.

Customers are impressed by how well-made the bag feels in hand, especially considering its affordable price, and many say the bag has lasted them for years. The size is great for a daily commute, with reviewers raving that it’s “roomy without being too big.” You can also customize it with embossed initials, so a lot of customers recommend buying it as a gift.

Crossbody Flapover Messenger Bag

Crossbody Flapover Messenger Bag

  • Durable leather
  • Slim
  • Includes organizational compartments


  • No padded laptop sleeve
  • Non-removable shoulder strap

This flap-over messenger bag is what most people think of when they hear the words “messenger bag,” but Kenneth Cole updates that classic design with a slimmer profile and a full-grain leather exterior. The bag has one large pocket that fits most laptops with a 15.6-inch screen and the two front pockets have organizing compartments to store accessories, including a cellphone pocket.

Reviewers loved the look of the cognac leather in person and say the bag feels durable in hand. Some say they wish it were bigger or had more compartments but those who wanted to carry just essentials say it has enough room.


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Amazon’s Best-Selling ‘Sleek and Simple’ Tote Bag with 31,000+ Perfect Ratings

Tote Bag

Finding a bag that can hold your daily essentials is tricky enough — and finding a handbag that’s functional yet stylish can be like finding a needle in a haystack.


But leave it to Amazon shoppers to always uncover a hidden gem, and the “roomy” bag is currently marked down, with prices starting at just $9 depending on which color you choose.


The Dreubea Faux Leather Tote Bag has snagged the top spot on Amazon’s best-seller list for women’s tote handbags for good reason. It measures 17.3 inches tall by 11.8 inches wide with a 4-inch depth — plenty of room for stowing away a tablet, phone, makeup, and other on-the-go essentials. It also has a large interior pocket as well as a small side pocket, and two “sturdy” straps that aren’t too wide. Its minimalist design features one tassel and a discreet magnetic closure.


Its faux leather material “looks more expensive than it is,” many satisfied shoppers have shared. While it’s not quite as structured as other totes, it’s “lightweight” and makes for a great everyday purse, ideal for commuting — one reviewer said she uses the tote that she’s “so happy” she bought as a work bag that even holds her lunch and a water bottle

Buy It! Dreubea faux leather tote bag

Dreubea faux

Right now, the “sleek and simple” tote bags are on sale, ranging in discounts from 50 to 70 percent off. There are dozens of hues to pick from too, including classic neutrals like gray and beige, a summer-perfect matcha green, and (seriously!) almost every color in between. One thrilled five-star reviewer shared they “bought six of these, yes six,” and added, “I cannot say how much I love them and how excited I am to finally carry a bag again for the first time in years!”


With more than 31,000 five-star ratings, this tote is a great find and it’s not hard to see why customers love the bag so much, they’ve bought multiples of it. The only downside may be having to choose which color to buy while the bag is on sale.

2.Buy It! Dreubea faux leather tote bag

Dreubea faux leather tote bag

3.Buy It! Dreubea faux leather tote bag

leather tote bag


Leather Bags

The 15 Best Designer Handbag Deals You Can Shop On Amazon

Designer Handbag

It is the perfect time to shop for designer handbags — and you can always count on Amazon for great fashion finds, especially at the Prime Early Access Sale. While you might be shopping for jean jackets and boots for the fall, let’s not forget about handbags! You can score great deals, from favorite brands like Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Saint Laurent, Hermès Birkin, Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, and many more.


While you’re probably stocking up on cute fall dresses and tops to go with boots, you can snag deals on designer bags. You always need just the right accessory to bring your favorite outfit together and there’s no better embellishment than a designer handbag. Whether you’re shopping for an everyday leather satchel bag, a luxury handbag that makes a statement, or a simple crossbody or a mini tote bag, Amazon has tons of options for all of your fashion needs. 

Kate Spade New York Triple Gusset Crossbody

Kate Spade New York Triple Gusset Crossbody

This Kate Spade crossbody holds all your essentials for everyday use, and the Warm Gingerbread color is fabulous fall color. 

Calvin Klein Ellie Shoulder Bag

Calvin Klein Ellie Shoulder Bag

This tote shoulder bag is sure to become a wardrobe staple. This bag keeps your essentials safe, organized, and secure with its interior and exterior compartments.

Michael Kors Tote

Michael Kors Tote

You can get the signature Michael Kors tote

Leather Bags

Here You Can Buy a Very Good Value Of The Leather Bag

Leather Bag

What is it about leather handbags that make them so intriguing? They come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Maybe it is the butter soft material they are made from. There is also a fashion status attached to a good leather handbag. Many famous fashion conscious women carry them, making them even more popular. A nice bag that completes an outfit can give someone a little extra confidence as they go about their day.

Leather in its most basic form is made from the hide of an animal. First they are cleaned to remove the hair and any other debris. These hides are stretched and tanned through the use of a chemical process. During this time, depending on the process and chemicals used the type of leather produced is determined. It can be from very soft leather to suede to hard stiff leather depending on how it is treated.

handcrafted shoulder bag with a removable strap and a chevron design you don’t see everyday.

handcrafted shoulder bag

Promising review: “I love this purse so much that when I unfortunately lost it, I immediately bought a new one. Perfect size, durable, nice leather, fits a lot and looks cute with or without strap. It matches all outfits, great classic look.” —Laura M

 genuine leather saddle bag that will only get better with age! While it looks compact, it does actually have room for small electronics, too.

genuine leather saddle bag

Promising review: “This leather crossbody bag is AWESOME! Love at first sight! When I first received my bag I was so impressed. Exactly as the picture. I contacted the seller via email with a question regarding the buckle. The seller then informed me that he think his production department sent wrong bags to Amazon. So he told me to keep the bag and he’d send me the correct one free of cost. I received my new bag yesterday and it is MORE AWESOME than the first bag! And then there was a surprise waiting for me inside the bag. A beautiful journal. I love to write. This seller went above and beyond anything I was expecting. If you’re considering ordering this bag….. Please do. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. As I’ve stated before, this bag is AWESOME. Not only is there a concealed lock under main buckle, both pockets on front of bag have concealed locks. Pockets are large enough to hold my iPhone 6s while inside leather wallet case and pocket locks with no problem. Inside holds my iPad and so much more. There’s two zippered pockets inside that are deep and large. See pics that I’ve included with my review. I will always order from this seller. Very professional and kind. I wish him much success.” —SteelersGirl4Lyfe

 medium Michael Kors crossbody with a subtle design punctuated by a partial chain strap.

medium Michael Kors crossbody

Promising review: “I got the black saffiano. Love! Must buy! It’s real! Very well made, clean great looking, had original price tag on it was almost $300 so this is definitely a deal. I’m going to buy more colors.” —Noel


Leather Bags

Great Value Leather Bags You Can Buy On Amazon

Leather Longevity

Leather Longevity By Type

Leather bags are a popular choice for a variety of reasons, especially in the fashion industry. They can last a lifetime due to their high durability, which is dependent on the type of leather used.

small Coach wristlet with signature logo embossing and room for everyday essentials like your cards and cash.

small Coach wristlet

Promising review: “Love! Quality is very good. Received order within a week. Coach tag inside and leather care instructions. Not big enough for iPhone XR, but no complaints — it’s worth the buy.” —sarah vaughn

 slouchy bucket bag with two — count ’em, two! — different straps so you can switch up your look.

slouchy bucket bag

Promising review: “I have been looking at Bostanten’s bags on Amazon for about 3 months, along with others as I tend to try to justify my purchases. This company caught my eye because of the styles and colors they had. I looked at zippers, pockets material etc hoping I would spend my hard earned money on a lasting product. I purchased this blue bag, one of their matching wallets, and a makeup kit. All items are of excellent quality and craftsmanship. The leather is thick and the cornflower blue is a nice pop of color. I was surprised to find that there was a large removable make up bag of sorts inside that has interior pockets like a typical purse which I had not expected. There are two different straps you can use I preferred the multi- color fabric strap over the blue more rigid one. I have found a company that takes great care with their product!” —A. Hopkins

quilted backpack for those days when a crossbody bag or clutch just won’t cut it.

quilted backpack

Promising review: “In love with this backpack! Perfect size for every day use and great quality! Always getting compliments! Shipped sooner than expected! The inside is my favorite. So many different pockets to keep everything organized! Thanks again for a great product!” —Mo

Leather Bags

4 Of The Best Leather Bags You Can Get On Amazon

1. large tote with room for your laptop, paperwork, makeup bag, keys, and — not to be forgotten — midday snack.

large tote

Promising review: “I have never been a big purse kind of person but this purse has SO many pockets and it has another bag inside for organization. I truly have never had a purse like this! I am so happy with this purchase and can’t wait to buy from them again!” —Mackenzie Kincaid

2. Fossil clutch with durable double stitching, two bill compartments, two zippered pockets, 12 credit card slots, and room for whatever tablet-sized smartphone you’re carrying these days.

Fossil clutch

Promising review: “I love this clutch. My Samsung Galaxy S9+ fits inside while in the case and it has lots of room for cards and cash. I bought it to replace my previous Fossil wallet which I used daily for over 10 years. It still functions but it is starting to show wear so I thought I’d upgrade. It’s super cute and functional. Hopefully it lasts as long as my previous one.” —Sarah R

3. compact crossbody that conceals a myriad of zippered pockets, split compartments, and card slots.

compact crossbody
Promising review: “I can’t tell you all enough how much I LOVE this purse! I looked forever for something like this. All the pockets are great and the built-in wallet is perfect! Had plenty of slots, extra hide-aways, and a change purse. I got the beautiful toffee color in a soft leather. I will buy this again in a different color for sure!! It’s the perfect purse! ❤️❤️❤️” — Tami Durcan

4. small Kate Spade satchel with an optional shoulder strap for those days when you just have too many things to carry.

small Kate Spade satchel

Promising review: “I really enjoy this bag, it is able to fit all of the items I need on a daily basis, and I carry a good amount of items. I can fit my sunglasses (with the case), wallet, phone, keys, hand sanitizer, small hand lotion, snacks, travel-sized Tylenol, gum, pens, Post-Its, etc. the best part is that this purse does not feel too big or bulky.” —Ashley Kimberly Garcia

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